W gets a haircutLast week I noticed that W’s big kid teeth (it feels very odd to call them “adult teeth”) were already moving in and filling in the adorable little kid gaps within his mouth. He’s not the biggest and greatest fan of standing still and posing just so for a photo that captures, well, missing teeth. And honestly, I don’t blame him. And yet I so wanted to make sure I captured this brief moment. I have no idea why it took me so long to realize interviewing W was the answer. We have done several video interviews over the years. I put “interview W” on my big to-do list and felt a pang every night he went to bed without it happening.

Yesterday, after school pick up, was not so wonderful for W. We went to an activity he has scheduled weekly and at first everything was going just fine. Then it quickly wasn’t. I don’t need to explain the anatomy of a meltdown but that’s what happened. I made the choice to remove W from the activity before it had fully begun because it was clear he was not going to be able to calm down. It’s hard when you have to make these choices, but I would rather W be annoyed at me than keep him in a situation where he was melting down.

He eventually, and within his own timeframe, did cool down. He was able to have some perspective on what led to his being upset. We talked about what he could try next time. It was a CONVERSATION. The entire time we were talking I was pinging with pride for him. To say he has come a long way is an understatement. I have not written much online about W’s school journey this year because it belongs to him, but he had some hurdles. Now those hurdles seem to be mostly packed away and the track is all his for the sprinting.

I wonder if he felt some of this empowerment because after our conversation and a couple of laps of walking around a mall I suggested that we stop into a place to inquire about getting his hair cut. W is afraid of many elements in salons: loud noises, scissors, not being able to see what is happening. The woman who cuts my mother’s hair has been able to give him little trims with hair clippers, but it usually ends up very close to a buzz cut.

There was ABSOLUTELY a bribe involved yesterday, but if he wasn’t ready to walk into the salon it wasn’t going to happen. But he did it. We walked in to a totally empty (and thusly very quiet) salon and met Miss C. W explained what he was afraid of (I was impressed that he was able to articulate it so well) and Miss C. promised him that she would use exactly the tools he was comfortable with. She was amazing. I think some people are just meant to cross our paths at certain times and Miss C. was meant to cross W’s path yesterday afternoon.

After a hard early afternoon where he felt out of control and unheard, he was now shining and glowing in the chair of Miss C. I could not thank her enough. I’m not even sure she understood what a huge deal it was for us, for him. When she saw how much I tipped her she kind of took a step back and I said, “if I could give you double that I would. You are magic.” Some people really are.

Later I FINALLY remembered (after mom sent me a reminder) to interview W. It was the perfect evening to talk to him and ask him questions. He seemed so silly, so wise, so adorable. I won’t share the entire thing but this exchange about his upcoming Pre-K graduation cracked me up.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loqbxxxG2hQ” rel=”no”]

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