Father's Day for Single MomsEvery family has a holiday or two or three that is hard. Some holidays are emotionally hard because of proximity to anniversaries of a loss. Some holidays are hard because it seems like EVERYONE has a valentine…except you. Some holidays are just hard when it comes to making crafts and no other reason.

Father’s Day isn’t a hard holiday for my family. It could be. It could be one of those squicky and complicated days where things are all weird and messy, but nope. Some families have a mom and a dad, some families have two moms, some families have two dads, some families have a mom + a stepmom + a dad + a stepdad + an uncle who lives in the apartment over the garage.

We’ve got: a cat, a kid, a mom, a lolly, and a prius.

I think it is great that on a day in June the father figures are celebrated. When I was a kid I celebrated my grandfather and my uncles on father’s day. Earlier this week W’s preschool teacher let me know the kids would be making a craft for their fathers and…uh…did I want W to make the craft? Who should he make it for? I called W over and I asked him who he wanted to make a gift for and he quickly said his Lolly. So that answered that!

We don’t have have a traditional family. We have a lot of friends who do. I have some friends who are married to some pretty outstanding people who are amazing dads. These dads have been wonderful influences on W. I am very thankful for that. We will happily think of and celebrate those dads this weekend.

But it won’t be a hard day for us. I promise. Some single moms may have a hard time this weekend and some may not – I wouldn’t assume either way. I also wouldn’t assume that single moms hate father’s day. I can’t speak for all of us, but I can bet those of us raising sons hope that one day they will be fathers with a bookcase full of “Happy Father’s Day” gifts.

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