W is in a rush to grow up. I’m not a fan of this, but his enthusiasm to be older is amusing. “Soon I will be 5 and a half,” he tells the woman scanning our groceries. “I’m older today than I was yesterday,” he tells the waiter bringing him a glass of milk. “I bet you didn’t know that I used to be four, but now I am five.”

I smile as he celebrates his age. Four was a really wonderful year for us, but five is turning out to be pretty fun.

Five is the year he lost his first upstairs tooth. Any day now he will lose another upstairs tooth and his smile will shatter all meters that measure the quantity of adorable within children. He also has two loose teeth on the downstairs row and I have put Ivy, his tooth fairy, on alert. She likes to bring him a new tooth-brush and ten shiny pennies in exchange for every tooth, but she may need to change things up with his teeth coming out at this rate.
missing an upstairs tooth

This is also the year W has decided eyewear is very cool. Apparently this interest started a few weeks ago when two students in his pre-school showed up to class wearing glasses. This weekend I tool W to see a movie in 3-D and he was insistent that he keep his plastic glasses. For safety reasons Lolly and I suggested we remove the lenses and he was thrilled. Turns out that was EXACTLY the look he had been aiming for. I told him he looked like Clark Kent and he let me know the comment was appreciated, even though Spiderman is his favorite.
wearing fake glasses

Soon he will be graduating pre-school. I am going to admit right now that I will, indeed, be one of those ridiculous moms who will cry. W has been at his school for 3 years and he has achieved SO much thanks to the amazing teachers and staff. I can not even imagine who my child would be without this school.

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