w at workI am starting to be a complete spaz. Because WHAT THE HECK with not locking myself in a room and chaining myself to my computer and writing? Seriously. I blinked and a block of time went by. Every day I say, “I miss writing” or “I really want to make sure I remember that” and then my atoms split and I go off in a million different directions. The problem with doing that for days and days, especially if writing is fuel, is that you end up not very charged.

My brain and heart has soaked up so many things. I went to the Mom 2 Summit, I went to the Mom + Social Good Summit, I am getting ready to go on a trip to California. The sponges are not getting wrung out and I am starting to stink over here. I can’t even point you to posts I have written elsewhere because the site I usually write for five days a week seems to be in a time out.

While I spin and fling and embrace this moment of learning and work I often stick my toe out and pause to relish my W.

The other day he started telling me a story and then it evolved into a worry and then it morphed into a plan for a drawing and then he had to jump up and build something. He is popcorn. I did my part in oiling the pan and creating the kernel, but the universe is hot and alive and he is popping into it. Daily. Sometimes I get to shake the pan a little and make sure he is still coated and protected from the flames, and sometimes I get to add some seasoning and flavor, but the action of exploding into a person? That is ALL him. It is the coolest thing to get to watch.

“Did you know today my favorite color is green? Yesterday it was blue, but I am trying out all of the colors.” POP!

“Actually I think the stars are just people we used to know. Like pennies on the side walk.” POP!

I stand back, I watch, I marvel. Watching him BECOME is my gift.

Image Credit: My mom. She is beyond amazing. W often goes to her office when I am at an event.

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