When W started preschool this year he had problems holding a pencil. Where other kids in his class were mastering how to write their name, we were celebrating that he could create a W. After a few short weeks of school and early intervention things began to change. I’ll never forget the afternoon I picked up W from school and his teacher asked me to stay because she and W had something to show me. I walked back to the craft table and W grinned at me. Then he grabbed a crayon and a piece of paper and wrote his name.

It was one of the greatest moments I have ever known. All three of us in that classroom were full of pride and happiness.

W’s teacher had saved the piece of paper where he had written his name for the first time earlier that day and we have that framed and sitting on our mantelpiece.

For the rest of the year W has been working SO HARD on not just writing, but on the physicality of writing. He did not have a good grip or control of his hands and early intervention specialists were able to work with him weekly to build up his strength and confidence. At home we have been working on letters and scissor work. SO MUCH CUTTING!

One of the wonderful things unlocked for us this year is the discovery of W’s passion for creating. Much of this thanks to his grandmother who creates drawing games with him and the two of then spark each other creatively all of the time. My mom is brilliant with zentangles and it is something she has found helpful to unwind with (no pun intended). She dedicates about an hour each day creating a piece of art in one of her notebooks and instantly W was keen to do the same.

She has given him his own notebooks and pens and many evenings the two of them sit quietly drawing up in her room while I finish making supper or finish a work project. I love that he slows down while drawing as so much of his personality is to rush and finish. There is no “finish” with one of these drawings and that has been good for him.

What has also been good is the beautiful work he has created. I went out to pick up some items the Easter Bunny requested last night and W and mom each worked in their notebooks. When I came home I saw that W had left his notebook on my bed so that I could see his creation.

He had made a beautiful and vibrant alphabet. This boy. This boy who once could not properly hold a writing utensil, could not write his name…and now he feels so confident with letters that he is using them in art.
creative alphabet

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Did you see the video W and I made about turning dirty water into clean water? Every time the video is shared with the #7billionliters hashtag P&G will donate an additional liter of clean drinking water through the Children Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program.

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