I could say you have no idea how thrilled we are to be back in playground weather again, but I am betting you ABSOLUTELY know how thrilled we are. Being able to run around outside and be with other families after school is amazing. Hello Spring!

The big news around here is that W has two front teeth with the wiggles. Some kid in his class told him that if he puts candy under his pillow the tooth fairy will bring him a necklace. I need to have a conversation with this kid.

I mean, look, I know we all get to decide our own family lore. We created the birthday fairy in our family and that was news that traveled over snack time in preschool. Once I explained what it was the other parents relaxed. But when it comes to tooth currency we really DO need to be on the same page here. Since W was the first kid to legit lose a tooth (not to diminish the cool kid who lost his front tooth after a coffee table incident) I felt like I was helping everyone out by setting a precedent.

When W showed up to school after Ivy’s visit he proudly announced to his class that his tooth fairy had left him TEN SHINY PENNIES.

But this business of candy magically morphing into necklaces? HOLD ON. This is the kind of stuff that requires parents to be prepared. That is not cool. An email blast should have gone out or something.

My mom absolutely turned around the situation. W was incredibly pouty because he wanted a necklace and he had no idea when he was going to have a tooth and candy to exchange for jewelry. Mope, mope, mope. So mom said, “why do you need to wait? Can’t you create your own necklace?” Empowered! The two of them went to a craft store this week and got supplies and they will be making necklaces together this weekend.

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