playground birthday partyThat’s how W woke up this morning: announcing “it happened!” Of course “it” being that he had turned five. The birthday fairy had left him a room full of balloons, a new light saber tooth brush, and gifts hidden around upstairs. We then went downstairs to watch W open gifts W had received from his friends at his birthday party.

A few of the kids at the party had asked if W would be opening his gifts during his party and I debated about what to tell them. I mean the short answer was: no. There are a couple of reasons for that and some are probably more easily understood than others.
1. It was super windy at the playground and containing an opening of gift moment would have been crazy.
2. Stopping to watch a kid open gifts is kind of dull – GO PLAY!
3. We did not ask or expect for gifts to be given so not everyone may have brought a gift.

I started with number three, because personally that was something W and I had been talking about a lot. Parties are not about gifts. We invite friends because we want to celebrate with them and play with them, not because we need or expect anything in return.

Opening up his gifts from friends this morning was really sweet. He was much more chill than he would have been at his party and he was able to genuinely appreciate the thoughtfulness of his friends. We were also able to write down our list to write thank you notes so that he can work on that later tonight.

In a little pocket of excitement Mom and I told W about going to see the Philly Pops later today. He just blinked at us. I don’t think he gets it. At all. A few minutes ago he just asked me if we were really going to see “a band” and I nodded. He grinned. So we will see how this goes!!

he is five

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