I realized last night that pretty much EVERYTHING here is about W. I’m cool with that. A lot of who I am is connected to his being on the planet and making sure his journey here is great. It’s not all of me though. Spring is coming and with the thaw I really want to get back into a regular pattern of making ME a priority.

God, that sounds so selfish.

Wait. It’s supposed to.

I’m not sure how to begin at the moment, but I want to scotch tape this thought so I have some sort of accountability.

This is me today. I tried to take a “I’m so PRETTY” selfie for ten minutes and they were all a total joke. I’m tired. I’m sitting in the cafe section of my grocery store working because the coffee shop felt claustrophobic. I was not in a fancy lady selfie girl kind of place. So I looked out at the cars zooming out on the busy street and took the photo. I don’t feel 100% Technicolor today so I removed the color.

So. There. This is my self today. My emoticon, if you will.

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