one more week of four
It is raining and my allergies are prolonging a cold that will not quit me. In one week I will be frantically stuffing items into the back of the car and getting ready to help W’s friends celebrate this marvelous thing called TURNING FIVE.

His wishes for the day have been pretty low key and for that I am very thankful. He just wanted all of his friends to come play with him at the playground. With the kind of winter we have had I can’t blame him. We usually go to the playground every day after school for at least an hour, but in the last several months we have gone four times. We both miss it.

I haven’t done any planning for the party at all. Ok, that’s not true. A month ago I sent out an evite to almost everyone W wanted to come to his party. Despite his request, I did not invite the mailman, the guys who bag the groceries, and the two ladies who work in cubes near my mom.

He has requested a Star Wars cake type product and Darth Vader “pin-yawp-ya”. Finding such a thing has not been easy so I am going to have to plan B that one. I saw the one on-line but the price and reviews are horrible. I am not a bit upset about not making him a cake this year. Last year’s cake was fun, but I am cool if I just make something on the even years.

What W doesn’t know is that on next Sunday, his actual birthday, Lolly and I are taking him to the Philly Pops to hear the music of John Williams. A few months ago when I saw the giant billboard advertising the concert in the city I got so excited. I truly love being able to gift W with an experience for his birthday. He’ll be getting a few other things to unwrap and play with, but creating a memory around the birthday makes me happy.

Last year we took him to New York on the weekend of his birthday. It was his first train ride and THAT was a blast to experience with him. We only did things he wanted to do in the city. So that meant lots of playgrounds, two toy stores, and yes, the diner with the singing waiters. It’s awesome to be able to talk about that weekend and relive all of the details: the rainy first day, the temper tantrum in the restaurant, the ferris wheel in the toy store… it is all connected to becoming four.

Five is about running full speed at EVERYTHING.

When I was in theatre school one of the big lessons taught in improve class was to always approach every moment in a scene saying, “Yes! And….” This is exactly how W lives right now. Oh he absolutely tells the world HELL NO all the time, but he does it in a way that says YES! to something else.

“NO! I won’t stop coloring because YES! I AM COLORING AND SINGING!”

He is also very busy making “conventions” and art installations.

One more week of four. That’s all I get. It’s been my favorite year so far.

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