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I’ve been keeping my emotions in check about my health. Being able to finally start the process of having tests run was a serious relief for me, but I never really suspected there would be anything truly wrong. It took a long time, too long, to get the results of my biopsy back. I finally called the doctor’s office because the waiting was killing me. After being on hold for a moment a nurse got on the line and informed me that the results were “fine” and I had to be ok with that simple one word answer.

Now I am waiting for the repeat ultrasound to figure out what the deal is with the odd-shaped cyst. A part of me wonders if this cyst is the culprit for my bizarre to non-existent cycles. My last period started on January 24th and before that I had a 90 day cycle. I am completely clueless.

A few days ago I got a bill from the hospital that performed my ultrasound. It came from their radiology department and I was surprised to see it. I had paid my co-pay at the time of my procedure and I did not think I had anything else I owed. It was a complete shock to see a bill in the thousands.

Instantly I felt defeated. “Well there goes ever saving up to move!” “There goes a repeat ultrasound!”

I called the billing department to discuss my options and we quickly realized they simply did not have my insurance information. OMG

Over the last week I have been talking a lot about health insurance because I have lived years without it and been terrified. I was lucky to have found many great doctors with fair self pay options so that I was able to continue seeing doctors while I was not covered, but between my doctor’s appointment in August of 2013 and January of 2014 I was freaked OUT. Being diagnosed with “abnormal uterine bleeding” because your body won’t stop bleeding, but you can’t afford to find out why is awful, awful, AWFUL.

I’m not any closer to knowing what is going on with me, health-wise, but at least I am able to GET the tests and know that the costs won’t totally derail my family. (as long as I remember to call billing departments instead of spazzing out over things in the mail)

I shared my story with the Secretary of Health, yes THE SECRETARY OF HEALTH and it was so empowering to speak to such an advocate for women’s health.

I also joined a Twitter chat with Get Covered America last week as they answered questions online about how to sign up for health coverage. What I really appreciate about their site is that they are truly committed to helping walk people through the process of enrolling. The site features a locator tool that will hook you up with an expert who can help. You just plug in your zip code and they will get you the name and phone number of someone who can help you complete your application and understand your health insurance options.

I hope if you know someone who hasn’t yet taken a moment to enroll that you will give them a nudge.

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