My mind is in the data processing place. I have been given so much powerful information over the last five days that it is, in a word, overwhelming. I’m still in DC for a few more hours. I’m missing meetings on the Hill in order to take a pretty huge call. (and I will fill you in after it happens. and no it isn’t Oprah.) Then I need to hurry home because W is sick. Mom got the call to pick him up early from school yesterday and she has just been amazing with him. I am beyond thankful that they are together right now.

Side note – Some of you may have seen the “ban bossy” movement on line. I think a LOT of the messaging is getting misunderstood. Since I have an opinion on it I wanted to explain my take:

First of all, I am not really down with “banning” anything, BUT I do think there needs to be awareness of the damage flippant words can do. I was raised to be confident, but in a situation where I was the only girl I was being called bossy as code for “shut up” – it was hard. If ONLY I was able to be brave about it in the moments then. I wasn’t.

These “bossy conversations” happening now are good to have with your friends, your kid’s teachers, your parents. We all know that some words have more weight and when a girl is dismissed with the term “bossy”, it is not ok.

I wrote about my experience with the word when I was in the 3rd grade (TOTALLY has 3rd grade photos and everything!) and I would dig it if you read it. Attention, Girls: Being Aggressive Doesn’t Make You Bossy

Me in DC

United Nation Foundation Fellows in DC

United Nation Foundation Fellows in DC

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