waiting to go on OprahWaiting to see if you are going to be on a show, after you have told people, “hey! I’m going to be on a show!” is very anxiety inducing. The clock of, “NOPE” starting ticking around 9:45. I started texting friends that I didn’t think I was going to be on the show and I was embarrassed and on TOP of being embarrassed I felt dumb for making it about ME when the show was super amazing and intense and if they cut me it was probably for a reason and not because I was lame….oh my head space was a mess!


Mom started pitching the silver lining to me, “what a great experience this was!” and “you WERE on the show…in that Skype box…” and “wasn’t it so nice to be asked to be a part of this?”

All true. Very true. And I was seizing the day and nodding my head and preparing my packing list for my trip…

and then Oprah and I talked about Sperm…

Life Class is rolling out official video content on their site, so you can see lots more from the show there.

Being able to say, on a pretty big platform, “I am a single mom by choice” and then talk at the table within the same forum as other single moms without any raised eyebrows or judgment was wonderful. Honestly. I have zero shame or whatever with how I became a parent, but others in the world might. Being able to be on a program like this validates my choice and it also introduces other women to the concept that they can be in charge of their motherhood.

I am so thankful to have had this experience. So thankful for the opportunity.

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