Dresden on Oprah's Life ClassAll of a sudden it is Friday and it hit me: Oprah’s on! As in the Single Mom show I did (part 2) airs tonight. I have a friend who was in part 1 and a lot of the content that I watched on the live feed ended up getting edited out on the aired episode. Of course that happens, but it’s disappointing when you are the one who had a brilliant quip snipped out.

I say all of this because I have this feeling I will be cut from the show. I was the VERY LAST person Oprah and Iyanla spoke to and my question was pretty different from the rest of the energy of the show. I guess we will know in a few hours. ZOMG

Meanwhile, if you want to watch part 1, that episode is online.

I’ll be cringing on Twitter tonight at 9pm (EST) if anyone is home and wants to virtually hold my hand and then later reassure me that I looked ok and didn’t sound like an idiot.

Official Tweets from the show come from from @OprahsLifeClass with the hashtag #LifeClass

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