oprah life class single mom
The primary reason for the delay in recapping every single moment of the Life Class show is because I don’t remember it. I remember Cecily coming over to do my makeup, thank goodness, and I remember getting my laptop in the right position and doing an audio check. I remember the producer telling me he would give me an audio cue just before I was called on…everything else is kind of hazy.

The show was a Life Class for single moms and they taped two on monday that will be broadcast over 2 weeks. These shows were EMOTIONAL. Of course they were. Let’s face it, most women who are single moms are not single because they decided to be. Most are single because of circumstances that are incredibly complex and painful: death, divorce, who knows where… There are many overlapping issues single moms have in common, but more often than not our stories are all very unique.

I remember crying a LOT listening to some of the stories shared during the Life Class. Intense and gut wrenching stories were told and a lot of advice was given.

I recall that my butt had gone numb and my face felt frozen from expectations. I did not imagine my story would have a place on the show, but I felt honored to have my little face skyped into the corner of the screen. I could see glimpses of myself nodding my head and wiping away tears – an Oprah moment if ever there was one.

Then, just when it seemed like the show was about to be over and done with, she said my name. Not even kidding. (this is all a paraphrase pieced together from the 4 thousand times I made mom tell me what happened – she was able to watch the live feed online)

Oprah: “Dresden! You have been holding on skype for a while. Is there something you wanted to say?”


Me: Uh……

I believe I thanked Tyler Perry, who was on the panel, for featuring a single mom by choice story line in his new film Single Moms Club. That was seriously awesome to be able to do.

And I am pretty sure I said sperm and then Oprah stood up and said sperm. Oh my, I can not even TELL you how cool that would have been five plus years ago to see a single mom by choice on Oprah talking all casual about how she started her family. The reception on the show was lovely and I am very thankful for that.

The episode that I am in will air on March 7th and I hope you guys will watch it with me. If you are a single mom and want to participate in the life class the Social Lab questions are online and ready for you.

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