I am beaming into this taping of Oprah tomorrow via Skype. This is considerate of them to do, you know, being a show about single moms and all. Of course it would have been a million kinds of thrilling to go to Chicago, feel a live studio audience, and have THAT kind of experience. But you guys – CHILD CARE! I thought it was smart of the producers of the show to find a way to have a seriously diverse group of single moms on this episode. The more stories that can be shared the more a mom out there watching can feel less alone.

Five years ago I would have completely been FLOORED to see a single mom by choice rubbing elbows, so to speak, with other single moms. As if we were regular ladies. Regular moms. On a show that wasn’t JUST about sperm. I am a single mom and while my circumstance to get to this place is probably different than most, the list of issues I tackle every day as a solo parent is going to have overlaps with single moms who are single because of a variety of reasons.

Last week I had a video test with the producer and one of the tech people to set up the Skype shot in my home. I had to stand up with my laptop and pan around my dining room so we could find the ideal location for me to sit and beam in. I am limited in where I can be because I have to connect to my ethernet cable and it’s a pretty short cord. We decided that the best place for me would be at my dining room table (you won’t see it), framed by the door frame of my dining room to living room, with the living room VERY WILL LIT behind me.

This morning W and Lolly went with me to go try on jewel toned shirts. I did some internet research and the internet says jewel toned, no patterns (doh!), and no white. How many times does one have an opportunity to buy a new shirt for an Oprah moment? I picked out six or so to try on and then snapped a photo of each so my friends could tell me which one to get. I was relieved that the shirt I felt the best in was the one they said LOOKED the best. Bonus – it was on sale.

When we came home I cleaned up the house. Oh yes, I vacuumed and dusted for Oprah. W is not allowed to touch a thing downstairs until tomorrow afternoon. That’s just how it goes. HA.

Now I simply need to wash my hair and be cool with wearing it down and not in my doorknob bun of security.

Tomorrow morning W will go to school like usual, because why not, and I will attempt to focus on work (HA). Then I will pick him up at lunch and take him to mom’s office so they can stay out of the house for the afternoon. Next I zoom back home and put on make up.

I’m excited about this. It feels like I am about to join some sort of Oprah single mom club and I am so on board with that.

OH – If you are a single mom (or know one) – you can be a part of the show taping tomorrow. The producers are going to be looking for questions via Instagram and shared on Twitter. Here’s how to submit your question:

• Using Instagram, take a video of yourself asking your question. You only have 15 seconds so get to the point fast!
• BEFORE you ask your question introduce yourself (ex. “Hi! I’m Jane, and my question is…”)
• Include the hashtag – #LifeclassQuestion
• Share your Instagram video on Twitter (it’s the only way they can access the video).

Let me know if you submit a question so I can wave at you.
page break

Stuff I wrote that I am proud of:

• I revisited 20 winning speeches from the last five Oscars. I made a chart!
• Everyone is talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and wondering if he will FINALLY win his Oscar. I think the guy is already winning at life so I took a look back over a decade’s worth of interviews and found some gems.
• The first ever “Kurt Cobain Day” just happened and I wanted to talk about it.

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