the week in review

1. I shoveled a lot of snow. Our car got plowed in and ZOMG it sucked so much to carve out the packed snow and ice. But I did it. This means I am technically working out. GO ME!

2. I had an ultrasound performed at a hospital and it was super weird. Seriously weird. When I checked in at the hospital the registration clerk asked me if I had ever had one of “these kinds” of ultrasounds before and I had to bite the inside of my mouth to keep myself from laughing. The tech performed an external and an internal ultrasound and it took nearly an hour. I am sure the tech was a very lovely person, but I found it beyond frustrating for her not to TELL ME what was up inside me, if anything. I joked, “if you see anything weird feel free you yell out BINGO!” She ignored me. Probably for the best as I was nervous. I am not going to think something is wrong with me, but in the moment it was hard to not equate very long exam with very long list of broken bits. Since the exam there have been two snow days so no word from my doctor. I still have blood work and a biopsy to complete before a full picture can be had.

3. W was sick. Really sick. The kind of sick where I didn’t leave his side for nearly 48 hours and had to do four loads of laundry after all was said and done. It was so hard to see him feel so horrible. He does not do sick well, who does?! But he was grumpy and cranky and then just sad and quiet. My heart broke over and over as he cried in frustration. Thankfully after 48 hours, which I have learned is the shelf life of this kind of sick, he began to return to me. His appetite is still not really back, but I know it will catch up with his energy level.

4. Shamrock shakes. They are here. I have had one. After I spent all morning shoveling the car out so Mom could run some errands she returned with a surprise green shake. WOO!!

5. W made really cute Valentine’s cards but because we didn’t go to school on Friday and school is closed on Monday nobody will enjoy them until tuesday. I have presented this to W as a GOOD THING as love should be delivered every day, not just on special and appointed days.

6. I got excused from jury duty. HUGE DEAL FOR ME. I love jury duty and I served a year ago and it was so difficult to figure out child care. The amount of stress and money that went into being in court for one day was just awful. I then found out it wasn’t supposed to be awful. If you can’t get to court without a hardship you need to tell the court. Oh. Right. Well, that makes sense. So when I got my jury duty summons two weeks ago I wrote about childcare and inquired if they had any ideas about how I could serve. They emailed me back a postcard letting me know I was excused. I am thankful.

7. Oh…and by the way? ORANGES ORANGES ORANGES!!! It’s happening! More about that later. But ZOMG!
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Some Things I Wrote That I Am Fond Of:

• If you are a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch this post about his attractiveness will amuse you.

• I wrote Meg Ryan a letter because I missed her.

• I used to watch American Idol and then it started to suck (right!!?). I started watching it again and I’m hooked. I think season 13 is bringing it. This post talks about how the show has finally won me back.

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