weather reportIt’s been a crazy week. Yes, the snow has been crazy. And yes, then the ice was crazy. And OH MY GOODNESS was it rough being home with a kid who was still climbing out of his cold and my mom who was just climbing into hers. When W rebounds from an illness, even before he is truly even “better”, he zings and glows with electric energy. Trying to keep him entertained through his bounce and keeping the house quiet enough for mom to convalesce was a challenge.

Then I got an email from Oprah’s production office.

The feeling of seeing That Name in your inbox? Not really a feeling I have ever had before. The email led to an hour-long phone call the next day. If it leads to anywhere else you know I will let you know. You will actually not be able to shut me up about it. um, unless I have to sign something…so how about we come up with a code. If there is good stuff to report I will say “oranges are the best” otherwise I will say “oranges never called me back and that really hurt my feelings.”

Meanwhile I got a call from my gynecologist. After my last appointment I was tasked with getting some information from my primary care doctor’s office, making an appointment for an ultrasound, and getting blood work. I had not done any of this. Late last week I got a period (WOOO!) and I made some sort of executive lady town decision that once that was done I would make phone calls. Finally having a period after over 90 days of NOT was intense. Emotional. Intense. Emotional. And thank heavens it is done.

When I saw that I had a message from the gyn I flinched because, yeah, I really should have started making calls and doing stuff. Not being proactive was dumb. This was the message: “Hi Dresden. I’m calling from Dr. ____’s office regarding the exam you had with us. I need you to call me back as soon as you get this regarding your tests. Please don’t wait.”


Of course I got the message at 4:27 on a Tuesday afternoon and when I called back I got the message that the office closed at 4:30. I spent Tuesday night failing at NOT thinking the worst. I also did not mention this message to anyone because I was ok with carrying this anxiety in my own pocket for a few hours.

I called the office as soon as their lines opened on Wednesday and went through the process of giving them the information they needed and setting up my ultrasound and then I said, “I got this call yesterday to talk to someone about my tests?” The schedulist looked at my chart and said, “oh, yeah, there’s a note here that says if you call to transfer you back to the nurses ASAP.”

fuuuuuuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuck fuq

and hold music

And then, “DRESDEN! Are you ok?!”


“Oh good! We know the roads near you have been awful.”


“So listen, about your pap smear?”

“OH MY GOD. yes?”

“We like to do both pap and HPV for women over 35 and after we did your pap smear…we realized we didn’t have enough specimen for an HPV test. So when you come in for your biopsy just make sure you tell the nurse you need that too. ok?”

“uh. ok?”

“Oh honey, your pap results are totally normal. HA HA HA HA HA I hope I didn’t worry you! I just didn’t want you to come in and then have to come back.”

“Right. Ok. Thanks.”

So, here’s where I am super thankful and glad that all is fine with the test they DID have. But damn that was brutal.
page break

Some things I wrote that I am fond of:

• We went to an early viewing of The Lego Movie last weekend. It is really, really good. I decided to interview W about what it is like to go to the movies as a family, and specifically with his Grandmother. Interviewing a four year old is not easy.

• If you have been reading my blog for a while you know my family’s story of financial struggle and then rebound. Writing about it for an audience that doesn’t really know me was a challenge. This is the guts of my life and I am putting it out there. I did it because talking about it helps me, and maybe reading it might help someone who is going through a hard time.

• Complete and TOTAL fluff. Slide show and everything. This is a collection of unconventional love stories.

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