I could really go for some chocolate right about now. Instead W and I are having Lego battles and searching for string because, “this is the most perfect day to make a necklace, mama!” Except I CAN NOT FIND THE STRING and hold on a second I just need to respond to this email…and OMG get a tissue. Now. Please don’t toss your used tissue into the air when you are done. Yes, I know you love a parade, but there is a time and a place for a parade and there is proper confetti to be used and snorted tissue is just NOT proper confetti. Trust me.

STRING. Yes, right. You needed string. Hold on. Let’s see if we can find some markers first because then you can sit next to me and draw some pictures. Wait, what is that you are drawing? Is that me? Why do I look like that? Oh, because I won’t give you string? Well it isn’t that I won’t GIVE you string, it’s that I don’t know where it is and to be honest I am simply trying to distract you so that you forget you really want string.

It’s not working is it? Do you want to go get my shoelaces? Would that work? No? Why not? Because my shoelaces are cold? Yes, but it’s still string! And isn’t string what you are looking for? Wait, no. Wait. Why are you crying? Oh honey. Come here. It’s ok. Tell me what’s going on. Why are you upset? Yes I do like you. Very much. You are my favorite. I do not know where the string is and I promise I have not hidden it.

Yes. Making lunch sounds like a great idea.

snow day

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