bowl of applesI honestly can not remember when I said it, but I know it started as part of presenting the task of tag-team grocery shopping. W is long past the size of a child who can sit in a grocery store buggy and while sometimes he likes to stand on the side of the cart as we wheel down an aisle it isn’t fun when we are stopped and actually collecting an item for the cart.

Plus there is the gravity factor of a 40 lb child standing on the side of a shopping cart without a parent holding down the handle…

In an effort to encourage W to join me in shopping I attempted to turn the chore into a game. If I could shop while he was at school that would be great, but I have to plug-in and start work as soon as I return home from school drop off. (I only say this in case someone wonders why I don’t shop without him.)

W is now in charge of selecting 80% of the items that go into our cart. We have a list that will say “bread” and I will wheel us up to the section of bread I am cool with him selecting from. W then gets to pick which bread. I ask him, “which bread wants to come home with us?” He will spend some time talking to the bread, examining the packaging, and then quizzing a loaf, “are you looking for a fridge-rator?” Once he has identified the bread that wants to come with us he will place it in the cart and we move on.

Earlier this week we were shopping at Trader Joes and W came upon a beautiful display of apples. I knew what was about to happen and grabbed a bag and held it open. W walked around the display and talked to the apples. I looked up and saw a toddler wide-eyed watching W in a cart near the juice bottles. Sure enough W announced, “Mama, we have a problem! ALL of the apples want to come home with us!”

The nearby toddler gasped. I laughed. I told W he could pick five so he needed to really listen to the apples and see who was ready. In the end we needed to bring six apples home because one of the apples was, “crying to meet Lolly.”

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