sick day with a side of feverWhen you wake up feeling horrible and all you want to do is go back to bed and heal thyself, well, you just cant. If it is a week day and you are a single parent of a child who is in charge of bringing something with the letter X to preschool that day you REALLY can’t.

You can’t even take the medicine that relieves the worst kind of symptoms because it brings with it these party favor symptoms called groggy and do not operate heavy machinery. In other words: the drive to school is going to suck/not happen.

Also, finding something with the letter X is really hard. W brought in a pirate map because X marks the spot. (File that away should you ever need an X thing at some point.)

Before I had even made W’s lunch one of my bosses was texting me looking for an image file. Seeing the text made me dizzy. How am I going to make it through this day? I can either push through the sick and be a shitty worker likely to make mistakes and screw up. Or I can take cold/flu symptom medicine and be a shitty worker all loopy and singing the national anthem.

There is no win. None at all.

I am also greatly annoyed that medication is marketed as cold/flu. I got a flu shot. It can’t be the flu. And yet saying, “I have a cold” trivializes the awfulness that I feel. Cold schmold. I want to sleep. I want my ears to stop hurting. I want the fog to lift. I want the sneezing to stop. I want the weird congestion that is caught in this secret apartment in my head to evaporate.

Really I just want to sleep. And I am pretty sure I have a fever. But the thermometer is upstairs. ALL THE WAY up the stairs. I would have to stand up and walk. But if I put my hand on my forehead it’s hot and stuff.

I should take the medicine. But I need to decide on the work thing.

If I worked in an office this would be a no brainer. I wouldn’t go in feeling like this. I could get other people sick. That would be lame of me. But since I am a virtual worker I have worked through many a gut bug. WOO!
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How about some links to things I am pleased with?

• I liveblogged the Golden Globes this weekend. If you missed anything from the show, or if you just want a nice recap of the entire thing, this post will take care of that. Liveblogging is hard but I do enjoy it.

• Have you downloaded your free copy of the Shriver Report? This is a REALLY big deal. The free version is only available until tomorrow so please do get it. What is the Shriver Report and why should you care? Good question. I answer that in this piece.

• I kind of freaked out when I heard Janeane Garofalo was turning 50 this year. I wrote about the first wave of Gen X stars crossing that threshold. (and some of these folks I would have sworn turned 50 years ago…)
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I entered a video contest

I lost the contest, but I am pleased with the work that I put into making the video. I debated about whether or not I should share the video here because, you know, it was a LOSER, but you know what, I am proud of it. It is hard for me to look at myself and think objectively and creating and editing this video was a challenge in pushing myself past flinching at all of the flaws I see in myself.

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