Downton Abbey is sad tvI watched Downton Abbey last night (and sobbed) and while I won’t go into the plot points in case some of you have not yet had the experience of watching the series, I will say I am completely fascinated by something that is happening on the show.

Lady Mary is depressed. Without explaining why I will simply say, she has every reason to be very, very depressed. What is surprising me is how everyone is reacting to her depression on the show.

People expect depression when sad things happen. But people expect depression to be tidy and kept within the lines. Your depression won’t look like my depression and my depression won’t look like my neighbor’s depression. Poking a person out of sadness rarely (if ever) works. It just hurts until it hurts less.

Everyone either tried to manage Lady Mary’s depression, tell her how to be depressed, or protect her from the evolution of feelings – it was so painful to see.

Did you watch the premiere of the new season? Let’s talk in the comments about Lady Mary’s depression.

Depression in Downton Abbey

Sad Image by Jim Cooke

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