w-grins-in-snowLike most parents in Philly and the surrounding ‘burbs, I hit refresh on my email last night waiting for official news from school. At just after eight pm I got the “school will be closed” notice. A part of me cheered because with the amount of snow predicted I knew that driving in it would be a beast. However the predominant reaction I had was, “SHIT. How will I contain W during a snow day when I have work to do?!!”

When you work on-line there are no snow days. Heck, over the last few days I have learned that there are really no holidays either. If you have electricity and internet access you are expected at the office. And by “office” that means logged in to work. I work several hours a day for a tech start-up, but as we are in the process of redesigns and a new release of our app we have all been working many more hours.

I’m not complaining about my work set up, far from it. I am incredibly lucky to have such flexibility. Working virtually gives me the freedom to log in an hour here, two hours there, four hours over there. I can log off and pick up W early from school. I can take W to the playground every day and to surprise jaunts to frozen yogurt shops. I can do my grocery shopping or run a few errands when the streets and stores are not so crowded.

Working from home allows me to be super concentrated when I am plugged in. I scan my work email and make lists and then focus on crossing everything off of the list before I log off for the day. If anything I think virtual workers are more efficient because we don’t have the distractions of typical job stuff. I also turn off all other outside distractions when I am logged in. This means no personal email, no text messages (I have to turn my phone over to not see life happening on my phone), no web surfing, and sometimes it means no standing up and no stopping to get something to eat.

This morning I told my boss that I needed time to go out and enjoy the snow with W and we made arrangements for me to start work a bit later. So while I am not getting a true day off like many local friends, I am getting to enjoy the day.

I got to teach W how to clean snow off a car!

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