Red Lipstick DayI got a beautiful new tube of red lipstick for my birthday. I LOVE red lipstick. Oddly I have been in an era of rarely wearing makeup so peppermint chapstick is usually all I manage on most days. If I am going out I will hunt down some brown-beigey kind of lip color, but nothing wow, nothing extraordinary. Red lipstick is the sort of thing a person keeps tucked away for a special occasion.

I wore the red lipstick to the birthday dinner my friends arranged for me and Punky Mama and I felt like a million bucks. The lipstick was transformative.

This morning, on a whim, I decided to put on the lipstick. W and I were rushing to get out of the house. We were late because the several alarms I had set to prompt me to wake up early to shower did not work and I was taking my shower when we should have packed up to go. As I was putting my laptop in my computer bag I noticed the tube of red lipstick winking at me on my desk.

Why not?

Why make red lipstick a special occasion thing? So I put it on, turned around, and W exclaimed, “MAMA! You look beautiful!” Oddly, I felt more beautiful.

red lipstick day 2When I brought W in to school I felt like a few parents did a double take when they saw me. Was it my wet hair in a bun? Or was it the red lipstick? (It’s common for me to have wet hair…odds are it was the mouth) W’s teachers both cheered when I walked in the room and another parent who was getting her kid settled looked over and said, “wow! What do you have going on today?”

I am wearing dark grey cotton pants, a black long-sleeved t-shirt, have wet hair in a bun. I wear a variation of this look daily. You know, the freelancing/ work at home/ Mom look. The only difference? The red lips.

Seriously – red lipstick made that much of a difference in how people saw me.

Now I am at the coffee shop. When I ordered my coffee the barista commented on how great I looked. When I moved to sit down in a tight corner of tables I was met with smiles from other patrons instead of frowns.

I am going to challenge myself to wear red lipstick every day I leave the house. Going to the grocery store, going to the playground, dropping W off at school and picking him up – these moments are worthy of red lipstick. Why can’t every day be a red lip stick day?

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