This is it. The year is over. While I have many reasons to be glad to part ways with this year I also owe 2013 some thanks.

Dear Twenty-Thirteen,
I hope you don’t take offense to this, but you were my buffer year. Twenty-twelve was especially brutal and life changing for me and as I met you this last January I honestly had no idea how I would survive. But I did. You took my hand and you eased me gently back into being me.

Many days and weeks are a blur, but there were some stand out moments. Twenty-thirteen you were the platter that served some pretty unsavory phone calls and text messages and news. You were the year some of my closest friends endured some of their darkest days. I can’t even begin to understand why you would make such horrible days.

However, I do want to thank you for the days where things just came together. For the new writing job, for the early intervention help with W, for the great laughs with my mom, for the days spent traveling to be with best friends and for the nights just hanging out with some great local friends who helped me get out of the house and out of my head. I want to thank you for those great weather days that led to longer afternoons at the playground which led to meeting new people who led to some truly wonderful friendships.

You presented me with a day where I felt so horrible that it forced me to call my doctor and together he and I came up with a plan that has helped put me on such a good path for health. You made me realize just how important health care is and nudged me to make it a priority next year.

Twenty-thirteen, you showed me what my life could be: comfortable, stable, inspiring, exciting, loving, and helpful and let me know I could draw up my own plans. You reminded me that I have work to do.

I took a rest with you. I healed with you. I let go of grudges with you and forgave with you. I realized I didn’t need to care so much with you. I accepted and I exhaled. I have no ill words for you as I let go of your hand and push forward. I simply say good-bye and thanks for the memories.

– Dresden

goodbye 2013

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