Just as I had hoped, I heard back about the mortgage on my birthday. I shouted upstairs to mom the moment I saw the email subject line because I didn’t want to read anything else without her next to me. “Congratulations: You have been pre-approved.” That is a pretty life changing moment. The axis tilts and everything shifts into the next gear. I didn’t exhale until I got to the part in the cover letter where it said, “please review the updated section…” and that is when I noticed that the amount we needed to provide for a down payment was significantly higher than we had anticipated. “Higher”, as in, we don’t have it.

This is when I kind of had a break down. What a total cliché moment it was – weeping on my birthday. All the messy tears for not being able to do something I wanted very much to do. Blah, blah, blah. Mom, on the other hand, went directly for the land of silver lining. “Dresden! We got pre-approved. This is great. This amount gives us something to continue to work towards.” And she is right. It was SUCH a long shot that we would be able to buy right now, especially with not having 10% at the ready to put down. Getting this far simply means once we DO have enough saved we can try again. Who knows what kind of house will be waiting for us by then.

So. No buying a house now. And because we have realized buying is a goal, no moving. I have a lot riding on this hopeful school plan I have landed on.

One of the big things we did while working on our savings plan was take a hard look at our SUV. As much as we really enjoyed it, it was not an efficient vehicle for us and we had started researching other options. Yesterday we traded in the SUV and became the proud owners of a used Prius. W has named it Darth and we are all pretty geeked out over it. I’m looking forward to finding out the most fuel efficient ways to manage the places I drive. I have only just begun to read about this thing called “gliding” and am so intrigued!

I have my eye on January and 2014. There are already good things I am anticipating next month. I will be making the Big Steps towards getting W’s kindergarten sorted out. I will have proper health insurance. I don’t think anyone can be more excited than I am to call her OB/GYN and have a FULL lady town work up in January. I will have GOALS for writing and saving and health and zen and parenting…over all my biggest priority is to keep positive.

{by the way, we all had a truly lovely Christmas day with each other. I’ll share some photos this weekend.}

new car joins the family

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