W seems to have really enjoyed Christmas this year and I can not even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. I know I keep harping back to the sad sack December of 2012, but it was such a dreary month that I desperately want to never feel it again. Knowing that we achieved family success this year makes me want to pump my fist in the air and cheer. It wasn’t about the amount of gifts under the tree or how lavish or unlavish our decorations were, Christmas was wonderful this year because we showed up.

However, if you ask W he will tell you Christmas has been “the best” because “Santa came and brought him two Switch n Go Dinos.” He will also tell you it has been wonderful to do family projects and adventures together. Mom was able to take off several days at the end of the month and oh BOY did that help out a lot as I only have two days off in December. But we have focused on doing something FUN every day. Even if that “something fun” is the super amazing kitchen thrill of making Jell-O.

You don’t know funny until you see a person’s face when a four year old tells them (with GLEE), “did you know my Mama knows how to make Jell-O!!!!?”

We’ve gone to playgrounds, malls, grocery stores, hair salons…Mom even took W to a play date at a bowling alley! We have been silly and cranky and amused and annoyed, but it has been our Christmas and it has been perfect. I have luxuriated in time with my family and feel so lucky. I won’t lie, there are some holidays and days leading up to holidays where I feel incredibly sad about how small our family is. We are a party of three. We are each other’s only. There are no stories of in-laws or step-parents or going to the other “set” of grandparent’s. It’s just us. Except there is no “just” about it. It’s US.

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