W dancingI went from trying very hard to not think at ALL about the paperwork to thinking non stop about it. The person who is handling our case has assured me that he has received our application and he will get back to us within X number of business days. Depending on how one does the math, this could mean news on my birthday. I had better have some cider beer at the ready for however way the wind blows on this one.

Meanwhile, every night Mother and I find ourselves talking about how we might arrange furniture in the maybe house. I allow myself to walk right on up to the edge of the fantasy. I can sense the radius of the curvature of the bubble of possibility and I stretch my hope all the way to the gleam. If the bubble bursts there is no harm done. Right?

The zoom towards Christmas is what has really surprised me. So many work projects, some incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, have had my sense of schedule completely turned around. I also procrastinated with the purchasing of gifts for my family. I had lists of what I wanted to pull off and then I intended to shop on-line. The problem here was really shitty timing. Thanks to the possibility of fraud from my buying peppermint creamer at Target 2 weekends ago, my debit card needed to be replaced. I would much rather be mildly inconvenienced with not having a debit card vs. someone hacking into my bank account, so I was fine with my bank taking the steps to protect me.

BUT the timing was crummy and it was mostly crummy because I had not yet purchased gifts. I could attempt to get a 30 day debit card from a branch, but the amount of time to set that up was time I simply did not have this week. I was able to go online and move funds over to my mom’s account and then ask her to purchase items for W. (OMG they are supposed to get here by the 23rd. This is so ridiculous how LATE I have left this!!)

I just can’t figure out how to get a gift for my Mom without her knowing what it is. I’ll figure something out. I know my mom does not expect something lavish, neither one of us does because we are in a savings mode, but I would like to let her know how special she is.

W had an amazing last week of the school year. I looked at him the other day and sighed, he is getting to be so big. I want to write more about the progress he has made within his IEP, so I hope to carve out some time to do that within the next week.

Seeing W transform this year has been THE best gift.

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