It’s out of my hands right now. The math and logistics and forms. All of it. Last night mother and I sent everything off to the powers that be hanging out on the next rung of the ladder. Before I fall apart with any more angst I want to plant a flag in this moment: I am proud. I am proud of my family for what we have dared hoped for and for what we are attempting to make happen.

So. No matter what happens next: we believed in ourselves enough to go for it and THAT is big.

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peppermint pieMeanwhile I am having a birthday in a few days. It’s a special kind of special to have a holiday birthday (I wrote about it on Babble last week if you want extra reading) but this year feels like a more serious birthday number. Not for any other reason than I have imposed seriousness on myself. Turning 38 means evaluating what I am doing and making sure I am on the right path. I feel like I am just figuring out who I am in many parts of my life – and this is a good thing! Now I want to make sure I am doing good things with who I am, not just taking up space on the planet.

I also really want to try out peppermint pie. I saw this at the grocery store the other day and just gazed at it in wonder.

Not sure if it is possible to have a peppermint pie taste test, but the internet is surprisingly chock full of recipes. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?!!!

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