First snow in PhiladelphiaAll of a sudden I am very aware how swiftly December is zooming by. Wasn’t it JUST the beginning of the month yesterday? I was scolding and frowning at friends for putting up holiday decorations and now I realize we are a bit behind with our lack of twinkle lights. Thankfully a beautiful snow fell on the Philadelphia area today and the white powder has transformed everything into instant decorative delight. It’s lovely.

I am now realizing I should get a move on with the purchasing of Christmas gifts!

I feel better for putting my depression on the table in the last post. I guess just taking it out of the box and not hiding it away has been a help to me. Being busy has also helped. SO many things going on. At the start up where I work we are elbow deep in new designs and an all new version of the app. It is exciting to be so hands on within the company now and I appreciate how much the people I work for have allowed me to learn and grow. This is one of the perks of working for a startup – there is ALWAYS something to learn. I have also been busy writing and I’ll share some of my favorites below (including my interview with Tim Gunn!!).

The other sideways, maybe, who knows, it would be so awesome, thing is home related. We found a home that pretty much checks off all of our boxes, but the timing may not work out. It’s weirdly complicated but I will share more when there is actually stuff to share. The details I have now are that it is in a great location, with a great school district, with an easy commute to mom’s work, and it would be in our price range. Yeah, this is me trying to reign in any excitement because it is a SERIOUS long shot because of timing.

My panic about school next year for W has faded a small bit. This is in large part to coming up with A Plan. As much as I would love to have us moved before the next school year it may not be able to happen. I want to be prepared for that. I filled out an application for a charter school for W and am actually really looking forward to the next steps with that. Deep breath.

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• Nobel Prize Ceremony is this week and I am really excited about watching some of it online. I wrote up a fun post about how to celebrate the day: 9 Ways to Celebrate Nobel Prize Day

• I’m really not even kidding here: The Best Tim Gunn Interview You’ll Ever See

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My mom filmed this! It makes me SO HAPPY.

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