How To Make a Kid Friendly Advent Calendar
Last week I told W we would be getting ready to start preparing our Advent bags for the season. He instantly remembered how much fun we had decorating the Advent bags previously. I told him we could get a new box of markers for the occasion and it would be a family activity.

When it comes to doing arts and crafts as a family, W’s favorite thing is setting up an assembly line so this project was perfect for him. Just like in earlier years I wrote the numbers on 24 bags. It was his job to decorate each bag in whatever way he was moved to do. Lolly joined in with glitter pens. The entire project took the length of one Star Wars movie.

What I love about these bags is how they are a perfect snapshot of W in the moment. Our bags have a LOT of letters on them because W has been practicing the alphabet daily. One of the hardest letters for him was the letter “K” and just last week he triumphantly announced, “I can do a K now!” I believe he made sure to put a K on every single bag.

After Thanksgiving I will fill the bags with treats and then hang them up by clothes pins on twine on our stairs.

What You Need

• 24 paper lunch bags. We used white bags but next year I think I will try out brown bagging it and using a white paint pen to paint numbers
• Marker to write numbers on the bag
• Markers, pencils, glitter, foam stickers, regular stickers, crayons
• Assortment of filler: candy, small toys, small games, stickers, rolled up magazines or books, gift cards
• Twine or ribbon attached to a staircase or wall
• 24 clothes pins, you could also try binder clips

The Steps

• Write the numbers clearly on the center of the bag.
• Have fun decorating each bag! W used pretty much every craft medium he owns to decorate the bags.
• Let the bags dry (if needed)
• Stuff the bags with treats (this year I am going to pay attention to weekend bags and put “tickets” to fun family activities in them)
• Fold over the top of the bags and pin them up on your twine in order

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