NYCThe shopping malls in my neighborhood have removed all hints of orange and have rushed immediately towards generic “festive holiday” lights. I have accepted that holiday decorations arrive sooner and sooner each year. However, this year the decorations are up earlier, I suspect, because of the fantastic, once in 77,798 years, Thanksgivukkah celebration.

While seeing white lights twinkling at you from the parking lot of your grocery store may not mean much to most beyond “holiday”, to me they also herald a day that is connected to the holidays. My birthday. To be honest I have never really and truly claimed my age this year. 37 is such a weird sounding age. Thirty-seven. There is no heft to the number. It is not “early thirties” and it is not “mid thirties” and it sure as hell isn’t “almost forty.” It’s just a number you see on the way to the next year.

For whatever reason thirty-eight has gotten my attention. Before you think I am about to have a panic about turning forty, well relax, this is not that post. I am not in a panic at ALL about that. (Remind me of this later.)

Thirty-eight feels like an age of accomplishment. One should have a proper list of achievements after the comma of their name at thirty-eight.

This is the age where I feel I must look at myself long and hard in the mirror and ask, “are you on track?” and “have you done what you set out to do?” There is time to self correct at this age, time to get refocused and realigned. Of course I wanted to change the world. I wanted to live a huge and bold life that made a difference. Have I done that? Or more specifically, have I done that enough?

This weekend I watched, from the sidelines, as Lindsay ran the ING NYC Marathon. I can not even explain how proud I am of her. There are no words to express what it feels like to watch one of your best friends say, “I’m going to do this” and then see them push and push and PUSH to make it happen. Standing next to me was Lindsay’s husband (seriously one of the most supportive and encouraging people on the planet), and our friends Amy, Jane, JJ and JJ’s family.

If you have been following JJ’s journey you will know what a triumph it was to have her at the marathon. A few days before we all traveled to New York she got a call about her latest scan. It was the NED call. This is THE best call a person with melanoma, who is undergoing treatment, can hope for. NED = No Evidence of Disease.

{I wrote about the amazing day if you want to read more about it: Running With Celebrities: An NYC Marathon Story}

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There are so many things I want to write about, so many things I don’t want to forget from these last couple of days. Until I can reward myself with proper time to unspool the memories it is just going to trickle out in a list:

• W lost his 2nd tooth! His tooth fairy, Ivy, wrote him a great note and left him 10 shiny pennies.
• I went to a Stop Hunger Now event and was BLOWN AWAY by how powerful it was to spend an entire Saturday morning with thousands of people packing up meals for hungry families.
• I spoke as a “local leader” at the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference and had some powerful conversations with women who were looking for advice on merging their passion with their day job. While at the conference I realized THAT is something I am passionate about and am now wondering if there is a way to help more people integrate their causes into their every day life. In other words – there IS a way to always tell your story.
• Oh my heavens the trees in Philadelphia!!!
• Still looking for the perfect rental…
• I just finished this piece on the 30th anniversary of Terms of Endearment and while writing it realized how much the film shaped my life.

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