This morning W woke up to ask me if the tooth fairy had come. I looked at him, still asleep, and grumbled, “how should I know?” He went into the bathroom and yelled, “ALL OF MY TOOTHBRUSHES ARE GONE!” I smiled from my bed. This is so fucking great. Parenting is so FUCKING great. “Mama! Did you hear me?! Lolly! Did you see? I don’t have any toothbrushes!”

I could hear Lolly grinning as she replied, “what is going on?”

The two of them darted downstairs to the bookshelf where we had left the tooth fairy door in the hopes that a tooth fairy would be assigned to W. Sure enough the door was slighty ajar and shiny pennies were spilling out. Propped up next to the door was a brand new toothbrush. Inside the door was a note.

“PENNIES!!! I got pennies!! AND A NEW TOOTHBRUSH!!!”

See? Having teeth fall out early does have its advantages. Pennies still carry quite a bit of clout around these parts and dollar bills are just paper.

Lolly read W the note and we found out he was assigned a tooth fairy from the Philadelphia Area Tooth Fairy Association. Her name is Ivy and she actually found his tooth that fell out yesterday morning. Yay! We also learned she likes dinosaurs just like W. It is a perfect match.
tooth fairy door

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