This is my story, and I am sticking to it.

On the morning of October 9th a message was sent via fairy flash mail to the Philadelphia Area Tooth Fairy Association. This association is located just beneath the trains at 30th street station. They receive hundreds of messages all day and it is a mystery as to how the mail actually gets sorted or even how Tooth Fairies get assigned.

Nevertheless, a message was received at PATFA this morning that alerted the fairies that a new child was in need of a fairy.

“W has finally lost his tooth first. Unfortunately he has also literally lost it as neither he nor his mother can seem to locate it. The child is a bit distressed this will interfere with his ability to be assigned a fairy. His mother is properly reassuring him. He requires a fun and energetic fairy for this first assignment, one that is capable of writing a note with good penmanship. This family has worked hard to create a lovely fairy door so fairy would need to be able to make entrance this way. This child wakes up early.  Please stand by for his fairy assignment.”

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It’s so funny because there is pretty much zero gap from the loss of his baby tooth. His “adult” tooth has already moved up to fill the space just as the dentist said it would. The tooth next to it will be the 2nd one to go as the “adult” tooth is already well on its way to being here. There is no transition moment between cute gap-toothed little boy and boy with “adult” teeth. BLAM!

This morning W told anyone and everyone that he lost his tooth. Thankfully he does not seem to be freaked about it actually being missing. It was there last night. It was there during breakfast. We went up to brush our teeth after breakfast and then I asked him how his tooth was and he said it was fine. I watched him put his fingers into his mouth and then his eyes got big. “Actually, I think it is NOT fine. Actually, I think it is gone!” So we instantly started celebrating.

We clearly are having fun making up our own tooth fairy lore over here so no big whoop if we don’t have a tooth to hand over to the fairy tonight. Whomever we are assigned with with totally get it. I am sure it happens ALL the time.

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