Tooth FairyEarlier this week my friend Jen and I created a board on Pinterest to start collecting ideas to help us with finding and hiring the perfect tooth fairy. W could lose his tooth any minute now.

At his dentist appointment today the dentist informed is that the adult teeth are growing in fine. (oh yes, TEETH, there are now two.) One tooth is very mobile and should be gone by the weekend. His words. Then W’s tongue should start to push the adult tooth up to the gap.

They will check at his next cleaning in February to make sure all is moving as it should. We continue to get baffled head shakes over W’s age and his teeth. It’s actually kind of shitty that his adult teeth have come in so soon. It’s a giant responsibility to take care of adult teeth and I still have to help W a lot with brushing his teeth. I obviously don’t mind helping W, but I worry that having teeth earlier just gives them a few extra years to get cavities.

But I will cross that bridge when we come to it, IF we come to it at all. I did select a donor with amazing and wonderful teeth. No cavities. EVER. No braces either. In his adult photo I remember thinking how lovely his teeth were.

I am not prepared to be in the world of tooth fairies. Not at all! I knew I needed Jen’s help when she asked, “have you seen the doors?” No I have not. But now I have and I simply have to have one. I just hope I can find one I like soon.

Meanwhile I am wiggling W’s tooth every so often (per the dentist’s suggestion) and looking up fairy traditions. All I know for certain is that we will not use a fairy that insists on having a tooth placed under a pillow. W is just too wonky a sleeper for that. W and I have already discussed that we would be on the lookout for a fairy that came to the bathroom and hung out by the toothpaste. (makes sense, right!??)

I am also greatly amused by things like pneumatic tubes for the tooth fairy.

By the way, if you have any great tooth fairy ideas please let me know!

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