Yesterday W and I were getting ready to go to Home Depot to see if I could find the part that would make the toilet stop running. (I DID!) As we were putting on our shoes W observed that we were both wearing blue jeans. Naturally I began to sing Tiny Dancer, “Blue Jean Baby…” W shushed me. “I am NOT a baby, Mama!”

I told him I knew that (sigh), but that these were the lyrics to a song. He said we should change them. When I asked to what he proposed, “Blue Jean Big Boy.” It doesn’t quite work with the song, but for our small snippet of a sing-a-long it is just perfect.

Yes. He is such a big boy now.

He is going on his first school field trip thursday. In a week he will officially be 4 and a 1/2. He is counting down the days.

Last night he crawled into bed with me just before 3am and said he didn’t feel well. He then immediately went to sleep. His forehead felt a touch warm, but otherwise he just seemed a bit congested. I figured he would wake up in a full blown cold. I made a mental note to wash the sheets and double up on zinc and immunity-boost tablets. We both woke up at 7am.

That NEVER happens. Ever. Rain or shine, sickness or health, W wakes up between 5:45 and 6:00am. He turned into me and asked for a cuddle. My heart wrapped around him. I heard him sniffle. I proposed he take a nice warm bath. I said he could use some of my eucalyptus bubbles (a favorite for both of us) and we would see how that made him feel. He liked the idea so off we went to the tub.

While he swam in the bubbles I grabbed some mucinex to help with his congestion. He chirped, “I am feeling better now!” After he was dressed and had breakfast I helped him brush his teeth. While brushing I paused at his bottom teeth. WHAT IS THAT?! That wasn’t there last night. It was a new tooth.

And suddenly his not feeling well, his sniffles, his sleeping made sense. He was teething. What was odd was that it was an adult tooth BEHIND his baby tooth. He has not lost any baby teeth yet. It is probably no big deal, but I’m not a dentist and I do not want to mess around with adult teeth. On the way to school I called his dentist and they agreed I should bring him in this week.

W is THRILLED! I HAVE A BIG BOY TOOTH!! Because of course I am celebrating it! What a milestone for my super advanced teething child. And what an oddly emotional thing to remind me how swiftly he is growing.

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