I can not tell you how much “better” things are now that temperatures have been consistently cooler. I have panic attacks when it gets too hot. Even when the weather is in the high 70″s I can start to fret about over heating. Everything just works better for me in the low 70’s to mid 60’s range. I feel more creative, I sleep better, I eat better, I work on a more productive schedule.

Watching the leaves start to change has been like taking deep cleansing breaths. Out with the summer, in with the fall.

Even W has been sleeping better. During the summer he had this odd sleep regression behavior where he would wake up at 1 or 2 and climb into my bed or Lolly’s bed. It started, most likely, because he would get too warm in his room. No matter what we did during the summer his small room just absorbed so much sun during the day that at night it exuded the warmth back into the room. Things were made worse by W’s deep need to sleep with a thick blanket. No substitutes. Don’t you dare try to be rational.

After a few nights of waking up and crawling into my bed it started to become a pattern and he would do it a few times a week. Eventually I managed to sleep through him doing it.

For the last three weeks the temperatures have been cooler and we have built up the enthusiasm over sleeping in one’s own bed. LOTS of woo hoos for sleeping in your own bed in this house. To say more may jinx progress, so just fist bump me on the progress and let’s not say anything else mmmkay?

W and I also also excited about the “new” clothes we can wear in this weather. The other day I heard him yell, “Mama! I get to go shopping in THIS drawer for a shirt today!” Shopping is what we call picking out clothes all by ourselves. “This drawer” was the drawer with all of his long sleeved shirts. He spent ten minutes just visiting all of his favorite shirts that he hasn’t seen since last year.

Yesterday came the declaration, “Mama! Today it is a jacket day!”

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Things I wrote that I am proud of:
• Jim Henson’s birthday was yesterday and I wrote about my brief career in the puppet arts.

I live-blogged the Emmys. I know a LOT of newsy places live blogged the award show but I am going to be bold and say I did a pretty good job of it. Being able to write about entertainment news has been deeply rewarding and it was an honor to be allowed to have this assignment.

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