I am eight: Happy Blogoversary to meEight years ago I decided to start putting it all out there. My inner-monologue  is starting the third grade. It is really odd to think about. If I had a child when I first started trying to conceive s/he would be a third grader. Or maybe a second grader. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I can not imagine my life without W. Just as he is, just as he was made, just as he arrived.

So it all worked out just fine.

I really do wish I could build a time machine and tell the 2005 version of me about W. Just a whisper.

It’s mind blowing to think about all of the moments of my life I have shared on this site:
• trying to have a baby
• Alzheimer’s
• caregiving
• depression
• multi-generational living
• living in the south, part 1
• infertility
• living in the south, part 2
• sperm donors 1-4
• that time I was almost an egg donor
• that time I didn’t have Hep-C
• that time I had a chemical pregnancy
• mom losing her job
• having W
• Millie passing away
• having no where to live
• having a place to live
• being at the bottom
• turning the corner
• moving to Philly (area)
• getting creative jobs
• W thriving
• W needing help
• W thriving!
• ectopic
• miscarriage
• weight loss journey
• looking for new home journey
• new writing jobs
• anyone’s guess!

I write because I have to, because I must. I write because I love having a searchable life. I write because I want W to know about his journey. I write because it feels good.

But I write online, in public, on the Internet, because I need a witness to my life. Thank you for being on the line with me.

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