WE MADE IT!! Thursday! Woo! W was in a rush to get to sleep last night so that he could wake up to thursday. And here we are! He was so silly and charming this morning. Then he would get all wistful and have these fantastic conversations about being a “big kid”.

Big kids pour their own cereal. Big kids pour their own milk. Big kids pick out what they want in their lunch. Big kids put their socks on all by themselves. Big kids wear their backpacks ALL THE TIME.

(big kids do NOT seem to be agreeable to putting dirty dishes in the sink…we will be working on this)

On the drive to school we counted school buses and waved at all of the crossing guards. We stopped at a light for a trolley and I rolled down the back window so W could say good morning to a favorite crossing guard. He yelled out the window, “I got bigger!”

He was the 2nd kid to arrive in his class and he was very excited to see that the room had been entirely changed up from the summer camp set up. He waved me off and a bunch of kids came into the room behind me. I could hear W tell them, “we are all SO BIG now!”

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