Well the biggest thing happening right now is the return of the red elephant. Holy SHIT has it returned. This is not fun. I have become the kind of person who can not leave the house. I have become the kind of person who is a total expert in maxi-pads. You would not believe how high-tech these products have become. But it really sucks to know so much about what works and what fails.

I am weak from blood loss, cranky from hormones, and incapacitated by the inconvenience of flow.

So there’s just no end to the fun of me right now.

Here are some other exciting things happening right now:
• W had his first Shirley Temple – he could not stop calling it a ShirleyTember
• W tried chop sticks for the first time – he called them tweezers
• W picked out his new backpack for school – he picked out a Star Wars backpack

We are also expanding neighborhoods where we are looking at potential rentals. W has a very specific list of items he requires in our next home.

His Wish List:
• must have a garbage truck with wheels
• must have a drive-way
• must have a bunk bed
• must have a backyard

My Wish List:
• a school district that does not suck

My Mom’s Wish List:
• two toilets
• easy commute to work

I wanted to thank you guys for all of your comments and shares on the Blogust Shot @ Life posts! Check out how many vaccines you guys helped provide:
Blogust Final Total

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