W and I both have enjoyed doing a photo of the day. It’s officially a thing. When I missed two days this weekend he told me that he would draw himself. This kid! Of course not every day does he want to have his photo taken. We usually take them as we are about to walk out the door to go to school or in the evening as we are winding down. Sometimes he is very grumpy. However, we both love to look at the photos and talk about the day. I think once the weather starts to turn I will give him an assignment to photograph one part of the yard with his camera every day.

I would also like to ask you a favor. Remember the post I wrote for Blogust and the Shot@Life campaign? The campaign just got some AMAZING news. The campaign was set up so that every comment = a vaccine. Now? It also includes every share! It needs to be shared from the original post so they can track it. This means: if you tweet it, share it on Facebook, pin it, share it on Google+ THOSE shares will now count as a vaccine! I would be honored if you took a moment to share the post today. Thank you.

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