woman studying at labAs far as exams go, yesterday’s appointment was exactly as unpleasant as you can imagine. The nurse practitioner who I met with, however, was absolutely wonderful and I am so very glad she is “on the case”. I found myself in one of those really amusing moments of answering questions about sexual history and pregnancy and then realizing the NP did not realize I was single and had used a donor. Oh celibacy…such a laugh!

But back to my vagina. Or actually, back to my uterus. The unofficial name for how we are proceeding is “abnormal uterine bleeding”. It’s a bit of a catch-all diagnosis that will allow us to figure out what is going on. She did not believe I had fibroids as I have never had a history of them and she wasn’t ready to classify me as a woman walking towards the land of perimenopause. She basically said, “something is not right”.

The catch is, until I stop bleeding there really isn’t a way to determine what is going on.

I am now on provera, twice a day, for three months. The hope is that this medication will get things to regulate in lady town and once I am in a place of not bleeding I can schedule an ultrasound and come back in for an endometrial (uterus) biopsy.

So. It’s either something. Or it’s perimenopause. That is the default diagnosis for a 37 year old woman. Which, OMFG! I mean I know perimenopausal women can still get pregnant and have kids, but this Whack-A-Doo ute situation certainly doesn’t make me feel confident about saving up and going for it for the final FET. It would be like betting on air.

I have to admit though, hearing that it could be perimenopause makes me so fucking thankful I listened to my heart when I was thinking about being a single mom by choice. I am so thankful I didn’t listen to people who told me 29 was too young to start trying on my own, that I should still wait for the right guy and see what happens. What if I had waited? I would be sitting here typing with a heart full of regret and the sinking fear that I would never know motherhood.

Hopefully in three months, the amount of time I am to be on this provera in an attempt to regulate the chaos, there will be some insurance options open up. I know Obama care enrollment starts October 1st (I am already pre, pre registered on healthcare.gov), but coverage would not begin until 2014.

I am really glad I finally went to see someone about the bleeding. After the “pay on the day” discount it cost me $46.

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I wrote this stuff elsewhere, but I am proud, so I am sharing:

The Fault in Our Stars #hairforhazel Movement
(this one inspired me so much that I am going to cut and donate my hair later this month!)

25 Celebrities Who Changed Their Name Once They Got to Hollywood
(this was a fun one to research)

Who is that song about?
(another one with info that will help you on Jeopardy)

Image Credit: Acc. 90-105 – Science Service, Records, 1920s-1970s, Smithsonian Institution Archives

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