W with bootsLast week a friend brought over 2 bags of hand me down clothes for W. We continue to be so lucky to enjoy previously enjoyed clothes as W grows. I think he owns just a handful of store-bought clothes. Within the bags of clothes were new rain boots. As luck would have it things have been incredibly rainy over here in Pennsylvania. W kept wanting to wear the boots to school, but we learned ages ago that rain boots are not so great for school unless you plan on bringing school shoes to change into. And guess who refuses to change into other shoes?

So we avoid the issue by avoiding rain boots.

But these new boots were SO fun. The next rainy day I brought the boots to school and when I picked him up I told him to take off his school shoes and put on the boots. We walked outside school where the rain was just ending and the sun was blasting through. I pointed to a large puddle and I said, “go for it!”

There was a moment of hesitation, just a moment, and then he went right in. Jumping, jumping, running, stomping, storming through. He ran through every puddle around his school grounds. He ran until he was muddy from chin down, breathless, happy.

I tell W “no” a lot. It’s an everyday thing. It felt so great to surprise him with a yes moment. Watching him run and splash and relish the surprise and cause and effect of stomping was so much fun. I have zero photos of the puddle jumping. I didn’t want to pull out my phone and pull him away from his moment. I didn’t want to watch him through a viewfinder. I wanted to BE THERE. To have a camera between us wouldn’t have made it as enjoyable for me.

On the flip side of that thought, I have been taking his photograph every day. After I realized how very much I loved seeing him in proper light and with a proper lens I decided to take a photo of him every day. So far I have kept it up. We have made it a new routine. I ask him to sit at the table, bring a toy if he wants, tell me a story, ask me a question. I set the timer for 2 minutes and for that amount of time I click and snap away, hoping to capture a little bit of who W was that day.

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