I’m in Chicago for the first time. After I landed yesterday morning I took the el to the hotel downtown and tried to get a feel for the city. It’s nice to be early for the conference and ease into seeing people and switching gears.

My biggest objective this year is to listen. Sure, I have things to say in my session on branding, and I will have things to say as part of the BlogHer Mentor program, but for the most part I really want to connect and listen to other people here. I want to learn about what other people are doing in their online space, I want to find out different story telling techniques. I want to connect.

I have learned that in large crowds I no longer like to be an extrovert. It is exhausting and draining. Sometimes I will still push myself to be ON and FUN and LIKABLE because at my core I simply want people to walk away from meeting me thinking, “that girl was so funny/smart/nice!” My personal task is to remember I don’t need to force my personality.

Can you tell I am giving myself a “pep” talk?
sunrise in chicago

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