Oh yes, this is going to be a post about hair. Super thrilling, but for the last few weeks I have been ridiculously stressed out over a hair mistake a made. Ugh. Hair.

When I was in the 8th grade I read a book where a character had a hair catastrophe from hydrogen peroxide. Curiosity got the best of me. After I couldn’t see what the big deal was after dipping one end of a curl into a small cap of peroxide I essentially dumped the entire bottle on my head. The next day I very much saw what the big deal was and so did my mother. My mother started dying her hair in jr. high so there was no lecture or argument, but she was disappointed. She booked me an appointment at the salon where she got her hair done and I had color put back on. From that point on I was hooked on hair color.

Hair Color I have known before

My hair has seen many different hues, mostly within the red and brown families, from extreme to muted. I went through a manic panic era where my hair was as red as a British phone booth and I certainly did a burgundy phase where my hair was a deep glass of red wine. For the last couple of years I have gravitated towards a red that is quiet. I didn’t want to have an obvious dye job.

I stick with the same three brands of color and those three brands have a shade that is pretty much the same.

And then I got sucked into a commercial. Hair color! Made with oil! It would make your hair shiny!

Every time I saw the commercial I told myself to look for the hair dye with oil because hot damn I needed to try that! When I finally found it at my local drug store I was giddy. AND there was a red in the same shade I normally use. PERFECT.

I decided to dye my hair the day before I left for BlogHer Food. No big deal. I dye my hair every other month to cover my white hair and, shrug. You guys obviously know where this is going. DISASTER! Purple. Purple hair. And it looked even more odd because I was JUST doing my white/roots so the top of my hair was saturated with purple-red color and the rest of my hair was “regular red”.
Bad Bad Red Hair
Mom suggested I wash it a couple times to “tame it” and even after several washings it was still just horrible. I went off to Austin with total hair regret. I smiled when person after person remarked on my vibrant hair. “Ha! Your hair matches the cotton candy!” Yup, someone actually said that to me. Not in a mean way – in an observational way.

I think vibrant and loud and WOO hair is awesome…but only if that is what you WANT. If you didn’t set out for WOO hair and ended up with WOO hair, well that just sucks. I have been walking around with hair I hate for a few weeks now and was resolved to just suck it up and let it grow out.

The other day I did a pass the time google for “get rid of hair mistake” and landed in a world of lots of people with hair regret. After reading and watching videos about different products I decided to try Color oops. Cheap, quick, and no bleach. Sold! Why the heck I didn’t know about color oops before now is beyond me. Twenty minutes after enduring the raunchiest, most awful smell and then rinsing and shampooing eleventy billion times the purple was GONE. Whatever chemical magic is in the stuff is pretty potent so I hope I will never need to use it again, but oh my heavens I am relieved to have gotten a chance to redo.

Before and after Color Oops

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