Hanging out

No one gave me any warning about the 4 year old wellness exam. I heard that W was probably going to get a few shots, but I figured we would brave that when we came to it. I was surprised by the hearing test and the eye test. Very glad to have it done, but I also very much wish that W was still napping. When we arrived at his wellness appointment last week he was excited to see the doctor and find out how big he was. That was the program I was selling him. Doctor visit = proof of big boyness with real numbers and graphs and charts.

Calming down after the doctor

W had five shots. Four were scheduled and the fifth was a “catch up” shot his pediatrician had discovered he had missed at 4 months. Three jabs in one arm and two jabs in the other arm. It was, by far, one of the worst parenting experiences I have had.

Nothing but love from WaWa

After the completely sad doctor’s appointment I treated W to a chocolate banana yogurt smoothie from WaWa. The awesome deli worker who made him the smoothie, upon hearing about his overwhelming day, drew a heart on his drink. Instantly he was all better. I am always so pleased when a kindred spirit crosses our paths.

Trying to make most of afternoons…

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