Time to learn about The ForceI have been talking about the plot points of Star Wars with W for quite some time. He learned about C-3PO and R2-D2 first as robots are always a fun appetizer. After the robots I told him how good guys fight the bad guys in space because obviously rocket ships are pretty cool. Slowly we found our way to lightsabers and Wookies.

This weekend I found the first few minutes of Star Wars Episode IV online and W sat in my lap while we watched it on my computer. I talked all the way through, quietly explaining who people were. W was thrilled to recognize the robots (from one of his lunchboxes) and even more proud of himself for knowing who the bad guy was.

“That man in that helmet is a BAD man!”

(This is where I want to remember that W can’t grasp the name “Darth” and continues to call him “Bath Vader”. He says “Bath” sounds like “Bad”.)

When the clip was over W was annoyed because he wanted to see the rest of the movie. I then realized the flaw in my planning: I didn’t actually OWN the movies anymore. Once upon a time I owned all of the Star Wars episodes but when we were downsizing a few years ago it seemed ridiculous for me to hang on to my DVD collection when we no longer had a TV. I took my movies, along with most of my books, to a great used bookstore and was fine releasing the stuff back into the world.

Except, man, I REALLY wish I hadn’t let all of my movies go. I had a lovely collection of films that would have been great to start watching with W now.

It’s weird how I don’t miss the physical manifestation of books in my life and have happily moved on to digital versions, but I am finding more and more how much I do miss having DVD’s. As a family we watch many movies from streaming places online like Netflix or Amazon, but there isn’t really a complete library of movies to pull from. There is no way to watch Star Wars online.

At some point today our lovely neighborhood mail carrier will be delivering us a complete boxed set of Star Wars. W and I are both pretty giddy about it.

I can not wait to see what he thinks about the rest of the movie beyond minute 6!

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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