writing with chalkLast year I sat down with W and talked about the things we wanted to do for the summer. Our MUSTS. We did an outstanding job of achieving everything we possibly could on our list last year.

This morning I asked W to tell me what he wanted to do this summer. His list is pretty basic so I am hoping we can flesh it out and have some summer surprises. I’d love to be able to travel with the family and have some wild and fun adventures, but we are in savings mode so nothing big will happen this year. That is totally ok with us as we certainly learned last year how wonderful small getaways can be.

Plus there are TONS of things right here in Philly we have yet to explore.

W’s Summer Wish List:

write with chalk
clean the garage (somehow Lolly has made this sound cool to him!)
go to the beach
go to a swimming pool
go see that movie (he is talking about 3 different ones)
ride in a convertible
eat lots of watermelon
eat lots of popcorn for supper

What’s on your list for this summer?

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