W and the penguin at Adventure AquariumW and I got invited to the Adventure Aquarium in NJ this morning to meet an alligator who is visiting for the summer. Lolly and I were very, um, “eeek! Gator!!” but W immediately slapped his arms in a gator-like fashion and growled, “Alligator! I am going to meet you!” At this age all W knows is that A is for alligator so he was thrilled to go up and gaze at “Mighty Mike” and have his photo taken next to him. (OMG!!) We spend the rest of the morning catching up with his hippo buddies and hanging out with Nemo’s family.

This is the first time we were able to spend some good time with the penguins. One of them seemed to take a fondness to W. (it might have been W’s awesome red hat) The penguin swam right up to W and then started to follow him and W walked from one end of the tank to the other.

Video of W “dancing” with penguin”

(heads up, I went all arty and put music on the video so go mute if you don’t want to “epic soundtrack in aquarium” kind of sounds”)

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Just one more week until Tartan’s due date. This last week was harder than I anticipated and I have tried to give myself lots of online buffers and been as open as possible to those who may need to know why I am distant right now. I think babies are wonderful and I am so happy to hear when they arrive safe and sound. But babies arriving in this window are hard to hear about. It’s a selfish kind of personal pain and has nothing at all to do with others. I am filled with longing and desire and heavy emotions of low self worth. They will pass, I know they will. This is just the wrinkle in time that I must navigate through. It is the turbulence on the journey. It’s hard.

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I have a lot of posts I enjoyed writing this last week over on Babble. Sometimes it is just good therapy to write about pop culture. Here are some of my favorites:

20 Songs That Would Make Great Children’s Books
I loved daydreaming about how some of the songs I listened to in college could be turned into books read to kids.
20 Best Performances By Sunglasses in Films
This was a super research heavy piece and I now know a LOT about sunglasses!
My Confession About Disney TV Movies
Fine. I watch the teen movies. But I know I am not the only one. ha!
10 Best Superman Moments in Pop Culture
I just saw Man of Steel on Monday night and LOVED it.

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Did you see the video homage I made to the old York Peppermint Pattie ads? I know it was on a sponsored post so odds are some of you opted not to check it out. I don’t get paid per page view for the video so there is no grocery money need for you to watch it. I just really liked making it. If you want to see some dorkiness you can see it on youtube.

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