When preschoolers discover photography

The most wonderful thing has happened. We have a new photographer in the house.

When I first set up my old iPhone 3 for W I pretty much deactivated and turned off EVERYTHING. No access to internet, no ability to download, no ability to delete, no phone. It was purely an app running machine and that was perfectly perfect for him.

I honestly don’t know where or how the thought came to me, but it suddenly dawned on me that W has seen both Lolly and myself take photos with cameras and our phones since the day he was born. I wondered if he would be interested in any aspect of photography.

Only one way to find out! I turned on the ability to take photos and then showed him the camera. I simply said, “now you can take pictures. Do you want me to show you how?”

“No thanks, Mama.”

He didn’t need me to show him because he was already out of his room and taking photos. Every nook, every speck, every inch of hallway. I went into a panic about how I would see/preserve any of his photos so while he was napping I figured out a way to set up the photos to sync to icloud.

Today he and Lolly were working on a project in the backyard when suddenly he rushed inside and yelled out to me, “I’m just grabbing my camera, Mama. I don’t want to miss anything!”

And he spent the rest of the afternoon taking photos. I love that he feels inspired and I hope this inspiration continues.

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