I broke one of my back molars this weekend. No fun. Luckily it was one that had already had a root canal so there was no nerve issues or pain issues with the actual tooth, just the sharp knife tooth situation that was slicing into my gums and tongue. No fun. No fun at all.

I called the emergency dental clinic on tuesday and was able to be seen yesterday morning. There was this big debate about whether or not I should have the tooth pulled. Then they decided, because I am so young (!), I should keep as many teeth as possible. I am now in the process of getting a crown. Also, not fun.

I won’t lament too much about dentist stuff, wait, I guess it’s too late for that. The big OH SHIT moment here was the huge realization that I really suck at back up plans. I have this wonderful and fantastic backup called My Mom. However, there is only so much that my mom needs to be called in for. I have no plan B. None.

Sure I have friends that I know will be there if there was a serious emergency. Just as I would be there for them. But I don’t have a roster of sitters or caregivers in my phone.

How do married people go to the dentist? Do their spouses manage childcare? Probably not all of the time. They probably have backup.

I should probably get some of that. One of these days.

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